Apps If You Travel For Work
Are you ready to hit the road on business? Before you get out your camera and passport, make sure to download these apps for smooth sailing the whole way.

Work travel can be fun, but everyone who does it regularly knows that it can also be stressful. The last thing you need when you hop on a plane is a case of travel anxiety. You need to have everything figured out beforehand. So, how can you do that? There are a few apps that can help you stay organized when it’s time to fly.

The first is TripIt, an all-encompassing travel planning app that will get you organized in no time flat. TripIt works well for individuals on long journeys, but the traveling businessperson will find more value in it. That’s because TripIt provides the kind of organizational relief other travel apps can’t give. The fact is this streamlined tool is one of the six best apps for business travel available today. Why is that?

With TripIt, all you need to do is forward your confirmation emails for plane tickets, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and care hire. The app will keep you up-to-date by creating a master itinerary with all your plans, which you can view at any time — even offline.

Look no further than the Travel Expenses app if you need to track expenses as you travel. This remarkable app does everything expense-related for you. All you have to do is enter in how much you’re spending, and the app will keep track of it.

You can create a separate budget for each category of expenditures, such as hotel, food, plane tickets and others. Travel Expenses will even let you log your expenditures in the currency of the country you’re in, and convert it to your home currency, a real blessing when you’re traveling abroad.

You need AwardWallet if you’re a frequent flyer. This handy app allows you to organize all your reward programs into one simple directory. You’ll be able to view flyer miles, hotel and car rental credits as well as credit card rewards, all with a simple touch of the button.

Don’t take the chance of forgetting about potential freebies or waiting for your travel points to expire. AwardWallet supports 683 different rewards programs. Once you utilize it, you’ll begin to reap the rewards.

You’ll find business travel goes down smoother than a strawberry shake if you utilize all these apps. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is your phone dying — however, you can check out these tips for increasing Android battery life to make sure your device stays powered up and available to help you out at all times.

Traveling for business doesn’t have to be stressful. It can even be downright fun — that is, if you keep on top of organization. These apps can be a real lifesaver on the road, so why wait? Start downloading today.


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