WhatsApp on Friday released a new update for the iPhone, which brings some nifty little visual improvements along with the ability to have Siri read out your latest messages. The new WhatsApp update (v2.17.2) is now available via the App Store.

The latest adaptation of WhatsApp, which is about 89MB in size, highlights four key updates – you can ask Siri to apprehend out your latest messages; beheld improvements to the Calls tab, Contact info, and Group advice screens; adeptness to baddest assorted statuses at already in the My Updates awning which you can advanced and delete; and abutment for Persian language.

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Talking about the Siri-related update, WhatsApp already let you to compose and forward WhatsApp letters through Siri. The new amend apperceive enables Siri to apprehend out your latest letters to you easily free, which will appear in accessible if you’re driving, for instance.

The functionality alone works if you accept some benighted messages. Say something like “Hey Siri, apprehend my endure WhatsApp message” and Siri will apprehend out the new letters to you and will afresh alert you to compose a reply. You can afresh accept to acknowledgment to the bulletin by dictating it to Siri. We approved the new affection and it seems to plan as promised. You should aswell agenda that already Siri has apprehend your latest messages, it won’t be able to apprehend it afresh the additional time. Furthermore, this affection will alone plan for users who are on the iOS 10.3+.

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The WhatsApp update aswell brings some beheld changes to the Calls tab, Contact info, and Group advice screens. On aperture any one of the screens, you’ll apprehension that the affectation images enlarge as you annal down, and the assorted options beneath accept colourful icons next to them for some added flavour to what was contrarily a adequately addled interface.

The update also lets you select multiple statuses in the My Update section which you can forward or delete, a redesigned two-step verification interface makes it easier to set up and the camera function now remembers the lens you used last – front or back. As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp has also added support for Persian language with the latest update to its iPhone app.

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