Reconsider before getting to be administrator of a group on WhatsApp or Facebook as one is at risk for indictment if any gossip or fake news is circled on it.

Social media platforms enable a man to make a group on which individuals can share perspectives, photos or recordings.

Concerns have been raised about spcial media abuse as fake news, transformed photos and disturbing recordings with manufactured nearby accounts can without much of a stretch be circled that can trigger pressure and even collective crack in a range.

In a joint order issued by District Magistrate Yogeshwar Ram Mishra and Senior Superintendent of Police Nitin Tiwari, it has been clarified that any accurately erroneous, gossip or misdirecting data on a web-based social networking group could bring about a FIR against the gathering overseer.

“There are a few group via social media which are named on news group and furthermore bunches with different names which are spreading news and data which is not true. These are being sent without cross checking,” it said.

Considering this issue, directives are being issued to social media groups, WhatsApp and Facebook group administrators and members, the order said.

There are over 200 million WhatsApp users in India.

It directed that social media group administrators should be ready to bear the responsibility and ownership of the groups.

The administrator must include only those members who are personally known to him or her.

If any statement is made by a group member which is fake, can cause religious disharmony, or rumour, the group admin must deny it on the group and remove the member from the group, the order said.

“In the event of inaction from the group admin, he or she will be considered guilty and action will be taken against the group admin,” it said.

Such a post must also be reported to the nearest police station so that action can be taken against the member under the law, it said.

The order, issued yesterday, says while freedom of expression on social media is important, it also comes with a responsibility.

Varanasi is the Lok Sabha constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The administration has directed that no statement or post which can hurt religious sentiments should be forwarded to any other group or person else legal action will be taken.

It also directs that case under cyber crime law, Information Technology Act and IPC will be filed in case of violation of these guidelines.

The order also makes it clear that orders of the Supreme Court and various high courts will be considered while initiating action.

It needs to be seen how Varanasi police which is facing severe staff crunch implements such an order as WhatsApp and social media are not limited to the boundaries of the district.


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