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We now live in a world where digital marketing is being done even by small businesses. Due to the explosion of social media, e-commerce, technology, and the shift in consumer behavior, even small businesses can market themselves online. One particular method of digital marketing that they can benefit from is influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has become an established strategy for brands that want to engage in digital marketing. It’s risen to popularity and is expected to grow exponentially in the next couple of years. Considering our society’s current state, it seems like influencers as a third-party marketing method can be quite valuable.

Social media’s power has been proven due to how it changed the way businesses conduct marketing through social networking sites. Now there’s another way of doing digital marketing involving established social media users with a considerable following. In case you’re curious, here are the top benefits of influencer marketing to small businesses.

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Directly reaching a specific audience

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

There are plenty of influencers out there for every industry or niche. A huge advantage that small businesses can reap by partnering with influencers is reaching their industry’s audience directly. Doing that helps big time in building a customer base and increasing conversion rates.

The principle here is simple: By reaching the right people, small businesses will have an easier time increasing conversions. It’s an alternative way of segmenting your target audience, as following an influencer of your industry already means they share the same interests. Partnering with an influencer provides you with a direct line to the audience that you desire to reach.

With an influencer, a small business’s message becomes more believable and interesting. The right people will also see their message, which gives them a higher chance of gaining leads and turning them into paying customers. It also has a higher potential of increasing the return on investment since it can generate more interest from a specific target audience.

A better way to stand out from the rest

A social media marketing agency that offers influencer marketing can make small businesses stand out even from larger ones. Social networking sites are very crowded, not just with users but with content. There are all sorts of messages that your target audiBenefits Of Influencer Marketingence can see every day online, and you have to cut through that noise to be seen.

Partnering with the right influencers will give any small business a boost in exposure. Their followers will directly see everything that they promote and can share it across other online platforms. They’ll also be more likely to check out or even try what an influencer they follow is promoting since 3 out of 4 customers trust their network’s opinion on social media regarding a product or service.

This shows that word of mouth still has value in marketing, even in our current digital era. People spreading the message of a small business coming from an influencer can gain so much traction online. Word of mouth also spreads faster in digital form and helps counter algorithm changes by social media platforms.

For instance, Facebook algorithm changes last year affected organic content exposure on user’s newsfeeds. Through influencers, brands can elevate their products’ exposure on Facebook and even other social media platforms. The followers and audiences that influencers can reach will expand the scope of a brand’s reach through their posts related to its product.

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Increase in engagement

In most social media platforms, posts with the most engagement get the most air time. The more users interact with a posted content, the possibility of more users seeing it increases significantly. In that way, it gives small businesses a shot to boost awareness about their existence.

However, increasing engagement organically is quite the challenge. Social media is oversaturated with content, and more users are using different channels every day. Small businesses and even famous brands have to compete against each other and users.

As aforementioned, standing out above the sea of content online is critical to the success of any digital marketing campaign. Influencers can help small brands do that through the connection that they’ve cultivated with their followers. They can easily appeal to your target audience and can therefore increase engagement.

A single post on social media from an influencer can gain enough or even more engagement that’ll significantly improve a small business’s online presence. They can put the website link or tag the brands’ social media account, which will drive traffic to their online channels. That traffic will then lead to an increase in followers, sales, and conversions.

Having influencers promote products by small businesses will also decrease their online ad expenses. Online ads entail paying social media channels and spending on producing the ad itself. By partnering with influencers, small brands won’t have to spend time and money creating the marketing content because the influencers can do that themselves.

Increase in the customer database


Having a database of customers is such a huge asset for small businesses. A source of information about their customers will help them in many ways, especially in marketing. They will need better marketing efforts in the future to stay relevant and progress, and a customer database is useful for that.

Through working with an influencer, forming a customer database becomes easier. Since they already have a loyal following, your small business can convert them to be your loyal customers as well. Having people sign up for customer data gathering is tough because it usually takes time, but it doesn’t have to be with influencers.

Influencers will serve as the catalyst for the customer database of your brand. They can direct their followers to your website, where you can get their data. In turn, this will increase your chances of turning them into paying customers and your chance of getting back to them in case you weren’t able to convert them.

Having a customer database can do three things for a business:

  • Make more relevant messages

A list of customers can help small businesses to tailor their brand’s messaging to a targeted audience. Those that signed up because of an influencer’s message will be an even easier target for future marketing campaigns. Personalizing content will be easier and will contribute to the increase of leads, conversions, and sales. It can also positively affect lasting brand loyalty and revenue by 10% to 30%, according to McKinsey & Company.

  • Anticipate customers needs

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As previously mentioned, a brand can increase lasting brand loyalty by having a customer database. By analyzing the information gathered from signups, online comments, and posts, small businesses can predict what their customers are looking for. Small brands can use those types of feedback for improving product quality and marketing approach.

Customers appreciate it when you know what they need from you, and using that to your advantage will build loyalty. They’ll see that you care about what they have to say even if you’re a smaller brand, and will look for your brand or the influencer you’re working with at a time of need.

  • Discover unexplored business opportunities

Through all the information that customers provide lies untapped opportunities that small businesses can explore. The next best idea might be from a positive review or even a complaint that a customer submitted. It could be the source of a welcome change that your small business can capitalize on in the near future.

There may also be concepts or ideas that can improve or suggest other influencer opportunities for your business. A stronger relationship between an influencer and their brand may happen based on customer feedback and data.

Establishing brand authenticity

The growth of small businesses depends on the trust that they establish with their customers. It takes a long time to build that trust, and time isn’t a luxury that small businesses have. Your small business can effectively and quickly gain the confidence of consumers through an influencer.

Since influencers have their niches, choosing to partner with a brand means that they like that brand. The same goes with the brand that picked them to be their digital marketing partner. Small businesses can capitalize on that principle and start building trust from there.

It’s imperative that small brands know which influencers they should choose to partner with so the marketing comes off as authentic. In this age where information is accessible and easy to verify, consumers have become more vigilant, especially with endorsements. Yes, they trust people to endorse a brand, but they also look at the credibility of the endorsement itself.

Conducting influencer research is the best way to find the ideal influencer for a small business. For starters, look for them on the platform where you’ll market your small brand. Posting inquiries on groups that cater to social media personalities is a typical way of doing so.

Your target audience and customer base will see right through if the influencer blessing that you got was forced. Small businesses must work with an influencer who’s aligned with their brands to establish authenticity. Doing so will give them beneficial third-party credibility that consumers value a lot these days.


Small businesses usually need to stick with tight budgets. They can’t spend what they can’t afford because that would mean unnecessary costs. Fortunately, partnering with a micro-influencer is affordable.

Micro-influencers are influencers with a relatively smaller following than other influencers, but their fees are more affordable. Although they have a smaller fanbase, they’ve cultivated and established a connection with their followers, which means they have frequent engagement. More engagement means higher retention rates, which bodes well for the brand that they’re endorsing.

People are looking for more personal connections and recommendations online. Micro-influencers can easily provide that because they don’t have to engage with a large following, unlike celebrity influencers. Therefore they can form authentic connections to the audience that are more likely to purchase a small business’ product at a more affordable cost.

According to the data gathered by, a micro-influencer charges about $100 per 10,000 followers. This value truly fits a small business budget because they don’t have that much to spend, unlike the more prominent brands. Other influencers will even settle for a mention of their social media profiles on small brands’ socials as payment or have a free trial of their products.

Yielding better returns of investment

Marketing involves investing with the hopes of gaining it back through an increase in customers and revenue. Not achieving that objective is a tough blow to handle, especially for small businesses. They don’t have the resources to recover such investments, so small entrepreneurs need to make wise marketing decisions.

Investing in influencer marketing is one of those wise decisions that small businesses can make. Partnering with influencers who are in the same niche as your small business is a decision that makes a lot of sense. Their cultivation of engagement with their followers online is a strong relationship that could power any small business’s digital marketing efforts.

Relaying your message and bringing your product to the attention of an already segmented audience is already a sign that influencers produce great ROI. Accomplishing tasks that usually would take more time, human resources, and money is why influencer marketing is the more practical digital marketing method of choice for small brands. Still concerned with the upfront costs or on a tighter budget? Your small brand can spread your influencer marketing strategy timeline, so you’re not paying an influencer regularly.

Concluding thoughts

Small businesses increase their chance of growing through social media, and with the help of an influencer, that chance jumps higher. Humans trust humans with purchasing decisions, so find the best influencers to reach your target audience effectively. Influencer marketing costs less while giving you more than a small business can ask. It also helps establish trust through a third-party human source, which is one of the most valuable things in the online space for consumers. If done correctly, small businesses will realize more savings with an influencer’s regular posts than any other marketing approach in the digital scene.


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