The latest simulation game: develop a city online at Ramacity!

Ramacity City Management Simulator is the latest development of Bigpoint publisher on the community gaming market. After a few months of launching a free flash game in the browser window, it exceeded the one million user limit. like, google atari breakout.T his popularity also shows that we are not talking about the usual construction game.

Design a City Smartly!


Ramacity free games are part of the flash games family. The player controls the development in the mayor’s seat, as a city planner, economist, and company manager. In addition to planning and construction, the development of the economy and the well-being of the people (“urbik”) must be kept in mind. This is done by installing residential buildings, installing a pleasant living environment (spaces, parks) and creating entertainment and jobs.

Several residential homes, parks and shops attract more people to the city. The growing number of inhabitants is another level for the settlement, which opens new development opportunities.

The lease must be collected for the undisturbed plant, production must be maintained, the goods must be transported and so on; so money can be invested in the city cafeteria. So while playing the game, it is not simply a divine position (like god-mode) that needs to direct our city, it is also necessary to micromanagement:

In urban plants, we can manufacture different goods, which increase in volume, or if we sell a good piece of a product. So there is always a reason to develop; we can increasingly equip the town under our control. With these, we can serve the business that, besides generating revenue that is essential for future developments, will increase the quality of life of the city, that is, its happiness.

During the development of the settlement, more and more buildings can be erected. No matter how to install them, it is important to find out what type of building the buildings are to be attached to, because the effects of certain buildings can weaken or reinforce the other (usually, for example, a factory is not suitable for residential homes).

Ramacity needs to balance our development among three resources: one is the available area (which is always increasing with levelling, we can not directly influence it), the other is the usable energy and ultimately the currency used in the game. Our available energy will be less and less with the growth of the city. When new levels are achieved, they are always processed, but we can increase the volume by installing new power plants, including renewable resources such as wind power plants. In the game, sometimes you can launch quests that can be accomplished by adding benefits or factories or products such as the XL courier service.

The game uses isometric graphics based on two-dimensional terrain where a grid can be built, and 3D objects are displayed. Ramacity’s graphics are elaborately designed and impressive. Animated cartoon elements give everyone a fun time. The appearance of the buildings also suggests their function, for example, the hut of the boots of tourists has a rucksack, and at the shops, we can deduce from the house itself that which product is available in it.

On high-traffic routes, cars are displayed, we can watch the citizens as they hurry, or as the trucks carry goods at the factories.

Our City Has International Relations

In addition to the Hungarian, the game is played in a number of localized, populous global communities, but the publishers also pay attention to the Hungarian players over translation: in addition to international festivals, the game also celebrates national holidays in Hungary with special events or forum games where we can get a reward in town.

Ramacity can be played without difficulty, but the publisher has built up a number of community opportunities to help city leaders. We can visit friends, we can help them (of course, too) in the city’s development, plus energy, we can move people to each other.

While Ramacity is free, we can accelerate the growth of the settlement by buying some of the other money, dummy dollar (real money) used by urbik, which can be used for various benefits.

Simulation Game

Ramacity publisher is one of Big Point’s biggest gaming companies in the world of online gaming. Its games, including Rama games featuring simulation games, include many categories of Ramacity. In each of them, a common point is the community gameplay where the players are connected to each other.



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