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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR is no longer something that we used to witness in sci-fi films alone. It’s here and we all can experience it first-hand, right now! Not just that, VR technology has come a long way from when it was made commonly available to the public. Nowadays we have intuitive peripherals, immersive headsets and all kinds of games that are VR-based. In a nutshell, VR is rapidly changing the landscape of PC gaming and gaming in general.

If you’re someone who is just getting started with VR and are also an avid gambler, it would be great if you learn more about virtual reality gaming and online slots before trying out any VR games. As we mentioned above, VR has changed significantly over the years. Let’s tell you more about how it is evolving continuously and is impacting the gaming world.

Another level of immersion

VR has revolutionized the immersion level of video games. The VR games of today cover your entire field of vision, with the help of screen-equipped headsets. Unlike the conventional video games, where your eyes also get to see the keyboard and other peripherals, apart from the PC monitor, VR games do away with anything which can potentially distract you from the game; in simple words is anything which is not your screen. Oculus Quest which was introduced in CES this year is an excellent example of new age VR headsets.

However, there still room for improvement. The immersive nature of VR games of today is mainly because the game covers your entire vision, not necessarily because the graphics are photorealistic. Not every VR game out there today has graphics like ‘Everest VR’ or ‘Google Earth VR’, which are stunning to say the least. But the graphics of these games will continue to get better in the times to come, setting new benchmarks.

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Improved peripherals

VR will soon entirely eliminate the requirement of a keyboard during gaming. Majority of popular VR headsets such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc. make use of hand-held peripherals rather than keyboard inputs. Console gamers are usually intimidated by PC games because they don’t like the keyboard. Hence, the new age VR peripherals will draw more and number of console gamers to the PC games.

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However, what is not expected to change significantly is the use of a mouse. PC gamers swear upon the accuracy with which they can aim with a mouse. The new age VR peripherals are expected to involve the mouse the usual way, perhaps increasing its accuracy even more.

Mobile VR

Virtual Reality
Virtual reality

A major disadvantage that VR for consoles has in comparison to VR for PC is the inability to play VR games on the go, which is possible with the help of a laptop in the latter’s case. No matter whether you are on a road trip or are traveling on a train, you can simply boot up your laptop, put on your VR headset and start playing the VR games! To see how Virtual Reality change your mind.



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