Often we get tough time managing our personal stuffs away from the reach of family or friends. There is a App Lock and Managers available. Here’s How :

Step 1First You have to download Applock from Playstore

Step 2– After installation, open the app and set you pattern lock


Step 3– Click On the Protect Button

That you can see an end of the page that there is a box named as magic

Step 4-Click On Magic Box

Click on hide app lock then, see on image don’t click on {try it} only switch on the feature as follow in the image

Exit your app lock and now you can see that your app lock does not appear on your home screen

Step 5– Go to your phone dialer >take a look<

In this image you can see the number as following the image, write this number on your mobile dial pad and after a small blink your app lock will open

And now you are ready to rock,

Now you can hide your image and video and lock your app that you won’t want to show

I hope you like this tutorial about to hide your files in phone dialer, in the case of any problem regarding this topic. please let us know in below comments



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