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Sometimes, you switch over to latest version of outlook mail that are customized automatically,moreover, this process proceed as per your choice. Likewise, at the same time, you may not want to get the advanced features of the mail.As a result,you get perplexed with not organized options. Hence, you simply need to access the mail, view it and just forward etc. etc., in this situation you get confuse with advanced features and you want to get the default view of your mail back.

Here is the step-by-step guide that how you can switch to simple default view as you are familiar with the time of first installation.

Switch Over the Microsoft Outlook 2016 to the Default View | Outlook View Changed Itself

1 You open the main page of the mail and click on “View” button on top.

C:\Users\Subhash\Documents\Lightshot\Step 1 new.png

2. Click on the button “Reset View” then another box will open with option Yes and No.

C:\Users\Subhash\Documents\Lightshot\Step 2 reset View.png

3. Click “Yes” on the box as opened up.

C:\Users\Subhash\Documents\Lightshot\Step 3.png

4. Now go to the extreme left side of your window and click on the side dark highlighted box as red arrow marked in the below screenshot.

C:\Users\Subhash\Documents\Lightshot\step 4.png

5. Now click the “Pin” button on the left side pane as you can see in the below given picture. By this, our folder pane is back to defaults.

C:\Users\Subhash\Documents\Lightshot\Step 5.png

6. The default view will see as given below, this is a well familiar and simplest version of Microsoft Outlook. You will feel joyful to get back the same  what you had missed.

C:\Users\Subhash\Documents\Lightshot\Step 6.png

For better visualization, you can see

e the video of above mentioned steps.

In next article, I am going to tell you that how you can configure your mail id in Microsoft Outlook 2007. Please keep going as follows.

How to Setup Your Mail in Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is widely used on n number of PCs all across the world. Professionals know how to get more out of this free software made available by Microsoft. When you go deep into using its applications you will find more such as task manager, calendar, contact manager, web browsing etc. Moreover, you can apply Custom signatures in the email. By using signatures you build your image as a professional.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setup your mail in outlook 2007.

Step 1 Open Microsoft Outlook and on top of the screen go to “Tools” as shown in the below given screenshot marked in red box.

Step 2 in the dropdown menu click on “Account Settings” button and follow the next step.

Step 3 After clicking on Account setting new Pop up window will be open as shown in below screenshot. Click on “New” button as mentioned.

Step 4  “Add new Email account” window will open. There are two options, click the first option box that has Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP and then click on “Next” button at the bottom of screenshot.

Step 5 There is no need to fill Auto Account Setup, keep all feeds blanc and click on the below check box that says “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”.

Step 6    Click “Next” button.

Step 7   You need to choose first option box in which “Internet E-mail” is mentioned. This will connect to your POP, IMPA, or HTTP server to send and receive e-mail messages.

Step 8  Click on “Next” button to continue.

Step 9   In the feed boxes, write your Name, your email address as user information. In Server Information, Type “POP3” in account Type, fill your domain name or website name or gmail etc. in “Incoming mail server” and “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)”. Then you need to fill Logon Information, you have to fill your full email address in User name and you select your own Password.

Once all details are filled, click on “More Setting” button.

Step 10   A new window will open as shown in screenshot, click on “Outgoing Server” and follow the step 11.

Step 11   Click on the check box mentioning “My outgoing server(SMTP) requires authentication”.

Step 12 Go to “Advanced tab” and change the “Outgoing server (SMTP)” from 25 to 26

Step 13  Then click “Ok

Step 14 To test your new account click on ” Test Account Settings” as shown in redbox given below.

Step 15  This will take a few seconds to process and if both tasks shows green tick and status as completed, it means you have setup your “Microsoft Outlook Account’ successfully.

If, further you wish to visualize your learning through video, here you go.


Microsoft outlook mail is the most usable free mail platform available all over the world. Most importantly, simple mail for common people and for professionals advanced mail versions are available. There are few people who use advanced version because that require some technical skills to operate to get more out of it.

Alternatively, for common people the default version works well to fulfil your requirements. To sum up, I will be happy to describe some features. You can directly paste files from Microsoft word and excel etc. After that you can change font, colour and size etc. Any type of file can be send as an attachment to the destination address with easy upload and download options. Moreover, you can set your passwords with secure features.


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