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People need entertainment. It can be of any type. From watching cuevana movies or shows on television to playing games, based on their lifestyle and time commitments, people always try to find entertainment. Kids have a lot of free time so they have multiple options of enjoyment. But for adults, every day they have to go office to work and will get less free time.

How to Use Free Time?

The best option is to watch TV shows or movies in that small period of time. Watching on TV is a bad option in my opinion as sometimes due to office work, it may be late to reach home. You will miss the movies anyways. To fulfill this problem, there are online sites which contain most of the movies, shows, and series.

Among many, a popular website “Cuevana” has a great collection with HD print movies and series. The interface is user-friendly with direct options which a user can choose. No ads, no interference while playing and great collection are some of the best features about Cuevana.

What is Cuevana?

Cuevana is an Argentine based website started in the year 2009. The content is available in their native languages with Spanish subtitles. It contains the collection of movies of HD clarity. As I stated more clarity, one thing we have to observe is that it takes time for movies and series to appear in the site.

It is because, once a movie is released, low-quality prints will be available online and it takes minimum 30 days for a good quality print. The best thing about Cuevana is, when you search for something, it gives the result only if HD quality print is available. Otherwise, sorry not found message appears.

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Working of Cuevana is straightforward. There are many other sites that upload movies. Cuevana links and loads their content on to the website. But it makes sure you get high-quality movies only. Due to this option, users can stream various servers based on the playback.

Series are arranged in alphabetical order. A search box is provided in which you can enter the desired name. A playable window with few buttons on the top of it will be displayed. Usually, it plays upon load and if it doesn’t, you can click on those buttons and it will stream the content from that server. Language dubbed movies or series are not available. They are available in their native languages and Spanish subtitles are visible by default.

Why is Cuevana So Popular?

Let’s make a fair point here. Have you found a movie website without any advertisements? Most probably, the answer would be NO. It’s because their source of income is through ads. You click on the flashing link and ads open in new tab or on a new window. Rubbish content loads up and had to be closed by you.

Clicking the link for the second time will open a new page that contains a window with a play button. I guess you know what happens next. We click on that icon and again ads show up. We close them, we click again and this process continues for 2 to 3 times. Finally, the movie loads up.

How to Avoid Ads:-If you want to pause, you click on it and again ads pop up. You have to close them, navigate to the window containing the movie, click again to pause the movie. The same applies if you want to go full screen or to mini screen and for volume control. Every function is linked with ads.

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But in Cuevana, you will not find a single advertisement. Select movies or series and play whatever the content you desired. It plays with 720p quality. You can pause it, go full screen, can do volume control and everything just like that without any intervention. The servers are decently fast and content loads up quickly and yes, it also depends on your internet speed.

This is the primary reason for Cuevana to become popular. Another reason is its collection of content. As said above, none of the files are of Cuevana. Other sites have the files and Cuevana is just like a hub that connects to them for streaming content.

Regular links to new movies and series are added which is the third reason for this site to take the spotlight compared to competitors. While many sites give these options at premium versions, Cuevana gives it for free.

Is Cuevana Safe?

Yes, it absolutely is safe. There are sign up alerts, ads and technically there is no possibility to inject the virus into your systems. In general, when we visit other sites and they consist of pop up ads, ads that open in new tab and many as such. Some of those ads consist of text like your computer is infected, Download to resolve etc.

People who do not know about it might think their computers are really infected and click on the download button. The rest is history. Software gets downloaded, it changes browser home page, it makes the system slow and you get redirected to fake pages while you browse, your credentials may be stolen and many other problems.

Genuine Sites:– Another source of getting attacked by phishing is through signing up. You have to make sure you’re signing up in genuine sites. If it’s not, your email gets collected into the servers of hackers. They start sending emails that you have won prize money worth of thousands of dollars. Click on the link to continue and upon clicking the button, you get redirected to other pages.

They may ask you to enter bank details, personal details and you should avoid writing them down. Instead of getting money, your money will be deducted by hackers.

The above mentioned are some of the common problems faced by many users while using websites. But the root of the problem starts with advertisements and signing up. These two are not available in Cuevana site as you open it and start watching favorite movies and series. So Cuevana is absolutely safe and you can use it without any worries.


Cuevana TV:

All the subscription websites have a wide collection of movies, TV series based on genre and popularity. While they charge monthly or yearly basis, Cuevana gives the same features for free of cost. After a movie gets released, it takes a few days for them to be added up in websites that charge money. If you can wait for those few days, you can directly watch them on Cuevana TV without paying a penny from your pocket.

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Cuevana streams the content from the sites which consist of movies. Some free sites will give you even the lowest clarity. But Cuevana TV makes sure that you get to watch high clarity movies on the site with less buffering. This is what made it popular and is successfully running from 2009. The website has a large collection of movies and series.

Popular Series on Cuevana TV:

American crime story, Black Mirror, Lost in Space, Legion, Quantico, Sherlock and Stranger things are some of the most popular series on Cuevana TV. You can search for more series as the website has a wide range of collections.

Popular Movies on Cuevana TV:

Avengers Infinity War, Deadpool 2, The ninth passenger, Enter the wild, Captain America 3 and Terrified are some of the popular movies. While the above list is irrespective of the year released. You can filter the search by selecting the genre and year of release. Every movie you see on the website is of 720p clarity.

Normally, movies and series load fast as there is no extra load of ads or un-necessary things on a website. You can also download movies. Open the movie just like you normally would for watching it. Click the download button and ads may open sometimes. This is the only place with ads and unlike other sites which force you to open ads by clicking on links, Cuevana is against this activity.

Cuevana Apk:

An apk is an installation file for the Android Operating System. Cuevana is also available for Android. Just like the website, the app is designed with a user-friendly interface and clear options. You can browse movies, series and watch them in 720p clarity.

Mostly, the default server it takes will load up pretty fast with high clarity. All the content is available in their original languages with Spanish subtitles. If you cannot find a specific movie in search, you can make use of application’s own search engine for searching movies and series. There is also an option for creating the list of favorites and another tab will give a brief history of movies and series watched by you till date.

This is helpful in keeping a track of what you’ve watched in case you forget. Cuevana displays all the information regarding the movies in brief like title, year, language, user rating and so on.

How to Download Cuevana Apk:

Cuevana app is unavailable in play store for some locations. But apk is available to download. Download the app by visiting this link. Click on the download button and the file gets downloaded to your desktop or laptop. Transfer the file on to your smartphone.

If you have never installed apk file previously, then you have to enable a few settings before installing. Open settings. Search for privacy and security option. Search for unknown sources option and enable it. You will again see a prompt and click on yes. Now you can install the apk without any problems. Navigate to the folder where you have moved the file from PC. Click on it and install the app.


New Movie:-The homepage consists of a slider with information regarding new movies and series available to watch. A dedicated search bar is present to search for content. From the home page itself, you can browse through latest episodes of series and movies.

Connectivity:-Facebook link is provided on the site. Once you like the page, you will get all the updates regarding the site in FB. One more added advantage is, you can know about your friend’s interests. We all know that movies or series are categorized as genres.

Rating:-Some may like action, while some people like comedy. It depends based on the interests actually. Most probably, you and your best friends share common interests and upon liking the page, you will get more movies to watch list. It is normal to miss some movies as there are many available on the internet. Good ones which you missed can be known by liking the page and know about the likes of friends.

Easy Search:-On the home page itself, after the navigation bar, you will see two buttons which redirect to movies and series pages. In the movies page, you will find slider with movies collection. Genre selection is also available which is helpful in finding movies of your interest. Year of release can also be selected while searching. These options narrow down your search and can find your favorite movies in less time.

The Arrangement of Full Series:-Upon selecting the series button, you will get redirected to a page containing series. All the available series are arranged in alphabetical order and dedicated search bar is present on the top. You can browse through or search for your favorite series by entering the name.

Updation:-News page gives you all the latest information regarding movies and series. The site is daily updated with posts. Latest movie trailers, film and series news are available in this page. Categories such as Curiosities, Films, News, Series, trailers are available and based on your selection, corresponding content will be displayed.

Cuevana Reviews

Victor Lopez reviewed the Cuevana website by saying, “Great application to keep you up to date with the latest Movies and Series. You can go directly to their website hxxp:// No need the application!”


Cuevana kind of websites is rare to find. I honestly don’t know where the income generates for them. There are only a few ads, no subscription services and I see only genuine service from them. Piracy content is against the law but among the sites that offer free movie streaming, Cuevana stands on top without any doubt.

Search for movies, series and start streaming. If it doesn’t load up, you have the buttons visible and just change the server. Find the latest news and updates regarding movies from the news tab. Cuevana undoubtedly is a great website where you will find HD quality content without any ads. For more such latest news and feature overviews, stay reading us.

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