Contradiction between Hotmail and Microsoft Live

When it’s about Hotmail support, Microsoft Live customer support, alot of information and phone numbers coming out and lot of technical support scam going on because of this reason. Today, we are here with the complete secured information about “How to contact MSG Hotmail customer Support”, “What’s their support service phone number” etc.

Support and contacts for Hotmail and Microsoft


There are many times when your system stops working for some reasons. May it be a virus attack or a system failure but you always need somebody to assist you when you are in trouble especially in terms of your PC or Laptop. The basic troubleshoot starts at home itself. If you are a technical person, you do your best to resolve the issue and avoid taking help from the customer support but if you are a non-technical person, system failure creates a panic for you. You have works to do in your system and either your MS Office crashes or sometimes it is your PC that crashes. When you do not know what to do, the ultimate thing you can think off is the Customer Care Support. People in the support team work for 24*7 to address your issues and to resolve them as soon as the problem is assigned to them.

Back in the year 90s, Hotmail was the most popular and used email services. Hotmail was later on renamed to MSN Hotmail which was an email service with many new and latest features. In the year 2013, Hotmail was taken over by Microsoft and now, at present, Hotmail does not exist. There is a lot of confusion between the users of Hotmail and Microsoft regarding the services and the parent companies.

Confusion between Hotmail and Outlook

hotmail and outlook
difference betwwn hotmail and outlook

In general, there is a misconception amongst people that Hotmail is Hotmail’s Mail Service and Outlook is Microsoft’s Mail Service which was to an extent correct. Both had separate mail services earlier till 1998. Sabeer Bhatia was the CEO and head of Hotmail and Microsoft was a separate unit altogether. In the year 1998, Microsoft acquired Hotmail. Till July 2011, Hotmail had 360 million registered users across the world. When Microsoft acquired Hotmail, it was changed to the name of MSN Hotmail. MSN at that time was Microsoft’s online service and Internet service provider.

Even, lot of people have confusion between Gmail Vs Hotmail – What’s the best bet for them based on security, professionalism and the business use?

The separation and acquisition led to a lot of confusion amongst the users of the services. Below are some common question asked by the users regarding the support from Outlook and Hotmail. People lately don’t know when and where to approach in case they face a problem with the services. Let us address some common FAQs from the users.

How can I contact Hotmail?



As discussed above, Hotmail does not exist. The Hotmail now has totally been acquired by the Microsoft and all the services that used to be offered by Hotmail have collaborated with Microsoft. Microsoft in the year 2013 closed Hotmail and moved the millions of Hotmail users to In other words, Hotmail is now Outlook. You need to contact Outlook even if you still use your email address with the domain name of Hotmail.

If you want to contact Outlook support, there are not many ways for it. The does not offer a support on phone calls which is the reason you cannot contact them via phone.

There is a Troubleshooting section present in the website where you can seek answers to your questions. There might be a page already where your problem has been addressed. However, if not, there are various topics available which are there in the website which might answer your questions. You must visit the URL for the troubleshooting.

Hotmail Support

hotmail support

One of the most common questions that are being asked by the Hotmail users lately is about the Hotmail support. Many people who stopped using Hotmail for some time were not aware of the Microsoft acquisition over Hotmail and this is the reason they still think that Hotmail and Outlook are two different mail services.

If you have any question regarding signing up on , features of hotmail ID, facing an common hotmail login problem, I suggest you to visit:

The fact, however, is different. Since Hotmail has been acquired by Microsoft as discussed earlier, there is no support available for Hotmail now. If you want to contact the Hotmail support, you must contact the Outlook support by visiting Troubleshooting in the Outlook’s website as there is no Telephone support provided by Outlook to its users.

Do you know? You can arrange your emails in Hotmail by following 2-minute procedure and it will help you to save your time. If not, check out this procedure to create Hotmail Mailing lists.

Microsoft Outlook Support in various Countries

Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world. The corporate offices of Microsoft are located almost in every country across the globe. The dependency on Windows services is the reason Microsoft has built a huge support system for its clients across the world. When you offer so many services on such a high level, you need to give support to your customers and clients no matter where they are and Microsoft does exactly that. Many people opt for the Microsoft services only because of the excellent support and service they get from them.

If you have opted for Microsoft services, be assured that you will not be disappointed with their Technical Support and Troubleshooting methods. If anything happens to your system, you need to go to Microsoft’s Support website and search for your country. When you click on your country’s name, a page will open for you containing the contact number and address of Microsoft’s corporate office for that particular country. You can directly give a call to them and they will make sure to address your issue or assign it to somebody who can resolve it.

You can also open Microsoft’s official support page by typing the URL You will get the list of Microsoft services and you can select or write about the problem you are facing.

  • Microsoft Windows Support– Windows comes under the service provided by Microsoft and just like any other services, Microsoft provides support for the Windows user as well. There are millions of Windows users in the world the excellent support provided by Windows is the reason, Windows users in the world are increasing every day.

For seeking support for Windows, you must first visit the same URL mentioned above which is Once the page is opened, select ‘Windows’ from the list of services mentioned. You will see a lot of options for troubleshooting and will also see the category wise troubleshooting methods. There are FAQs as well mentioned in the site. Just go through every question and answer as they contain the most common problems a windows user face. There is a maximum probability that your problem will come in any one of the FAQs section and you will get the solution.

Microsoft Support Contact number

One of the best policies of Microsoft is that it does not only gives Support physically and on emails but it provides supports on Telephone as well. You just have to call their customer support phone number and they will make sure to either address your issue or assign it to somebody who does that. They will also tell you the address of the nearest Microsoft store where you can go and get your Windows fixed for your PC.

To find out the phone number for Windows support for your country, you can visit In the page opened, select the region (continent) your country comes under. For example, if you are from Asia, select Asia, if you are from Europe, select Europe and so on.

Once you select your region, you will see the list of the countries where the Microsoft offices are located with their address and phone numbers. Below is the image for your reference. Here the region chosen is Asia.

Search your country and dial the number to get assistance and support on Windows.

  • MSN Hotmail Customer Service phone number– There is no direct contact number for the MSN Hotmail Customer Service as MSN Hotmail does not exist anymore. MSN Hotmail is as Microsoft acquired it a long time back. Even if your email address ends with domain, you are using Outlook because Outlook did not change the domain for the old users of Hotmail and let it remain the same. Now, you cannot create an email address ending with as it a Microsoft’s product and any account you make should end with

Since there is no Hotmail now there is no direct contact for the Hotmail, instead, you must contact outlook for your Hotmail support. The process to contact Outlook support has been explained in the above section

  • Windows Customer Care– Windows support has been discussed in the above section. You can either go to the website of Windows support and seek an answer to your questions or you can find out the phone number of the support centers and call them to get assistance on phone.

Also, the Help section of the support website takes you to a virtual assistant where you can ask your questions and get answers to them.


The above-mentioned questions and their answers are the most common problems users of Microsoft face. The links and the numbers provided are absolutely genuine and I am sure that all your problems will be addressed once you go to the links. The telephone assistance although does not work for Outlook, but for Windows, it works wonders. The support team members take you through the steps while being on the call and most of the time resolve your queries. For the problems that they are not able to solve is either directed to other relevant support teams or the customer is guided for the next steps.

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