Can dogs see Colors

One of the most popular questions is whether a dog can see colors or not. Dogs are colorblind but this does not mean that dogs are not able to see any colors. The colors that are visible to dogs are not as bright as those visible to humans. The cells which catch light in the eyes of humans or dogs are called the cones. As the number of cones is less in dogs as compared to humans, henceforth, dogs are not able to see rich and intense colors.

To observe rich and intense colors, one needs to have different kinds of cones in the eye. These different type of cones are tuned to a lot more different wavelengths of light. There are 3 kinds of cones found in the eyes of human beings. With the help of all the three kinds of cones, humans can observe the complete range of colors.

What color is a dog most attracted to?

Due to the presence of two cones only, people suffer from color blindness. Similarly, dogs tend to have two kinds of cones in eyes, henceforth, they have color blindness. The colors like red, blue, yellow, violet and green will appear as dark grey, light blue, darker yellow, and light yellow respectively.

All the colors in the world appear in the shades of grey, yellow and blue to the dogs. The green color appears to be yellow and the color orange as yellowish. The color red is a bit difficult for the dogs to observe. So, if your dog has a red toy, your dog would see it as a dark brown-grey or black color toy.

Dogs usually get Over-excited to see shades of Blue color and they can become uncooperative too. If your dog is on some kind of medication that requires calmness and cooperation then it can cause you trouble. explains How to put Ear Drops in Uncooperative Dog?

What Color do Dogs see Humans?

Dogs are color blind and when they see human beings, they try to observe the face and distinguish if it’s a stranger or a guardian. Dogs also can read the face of a human being and determine the emotional cues. Dogs are the best companions for human beings. Dogs are widely believed to be the first species which was domesticated by human beings.

Dogs love human beings and many research have proven this fact. The research was done wherein the dogs were made to smell its owners. A reward centre was activated in the brain of the dog when it smelled the scent of its owner. Henceforth, it is proven by science that the scent of a human being/owner makes a dog extremely happy.

Most of the toys for dogs are usually red or orange in color. But, the red color is not visible to dogs and it would rather appear as a dark brown color to a dog. A red toy can even appear to be a completely black color toy to a dog because of color blindness. There is a huge possibility that your dog might not be able to distinguish between the color of the ball and the green color of the grass in your lawn.

How many colors can a dog see?

Dogs might be color blind but they have a dichromatic color perception. Humans have three different types of sensitive cone cell present inside the retina of the eye. These three different types of cones help in observing the red, green and blue colors. In the case of dogs, there are only two types of cone cells present in the retina of the eye.

These two different types of cone cells in the dog’s eye help them to see yellow and blue color. But you must not mislead yourself into thinking that the dogs can not observe green or red colors. Being a color-blind means that one cannot distinguish between red, green and yellow color based on colour difference.

Dogs can distinguish to determine or identify between a red ball and a green ball. This can be possible only if there is an observable difference in the perceived brightness of the red ball and green ball. In simple words, the color blindness of dogs is almost similar to the human beings who are suffering from deuteranopia.

Deuteranopia is color blindness of green and red color. In this disease, the red, the green and the yellow color appear as one shade. The blue, as well as the purple color, appear as a different shade. The colors such as cyan and magenta appear as a neutral shade of grey. Your dog might be having a hard time to distinguish between the color of a ball and green grass in your lawn.

Brightness level helps the dogs to determine the difference between the different shades of the colors. According to a study, the brightness discriminating property of dogs is half of that of human beings. For instance, if your dog is observing some shades of grey, they will all appear the same to him. But a human being can distinguish amongst the different shades of grey.


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