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When you try to register on any application or website, then you have to enter your mobile number on that Application to verify your account By using one-time verification (OTP) Method,In which that application or website send a code on your mobile number by SMS and then you verify by register that code on application and website.
At certain times, we may not be able to provide our Personal Mobile number to some sites or Mobile Apps. That is because they may Spam our Mobile Number or constantly keep sending promotional SMS. To get rid of this kinda problems, It is always advisable to use Free Virtual Numbers or Receive SMS Online Numbers, so you can get the OTP virtually and also register on the particular site you want. So, that Cool, right?
I know you are well surprised by the concept. This saves us from Spammers. So, hopefully, it will work for you guys, too. Give it a try. I am giving links to several sites below, so, you can select wisely.

This website gives you some dummy numbers. You can use these numbers to verify through SMS verification. What you have to do just simply select any number that you wish and use it on the website or the application where you will be asked to enter the verification code. and after that you have to refresh and you will get the OTP there.

This website gives you six different mobile numbers Choose number and same process you have to do . You will find the code inside the inbox of the number that you have selected on the website. To view received SMS messages by the phone, select the same number and click on it.

The 3rd website in our list of the websites that offer one-time verification codes is this one. You can make use of the mobile phone numbers to receive messages online for free and it doesn’t need any kind of registration as well. You can find the messages received by clicking on the same phone number that you selected.

This is another interesting website to receive SMS for any OTP based phone/mobile number verification. Here, you are not required to do sign up or registration. All you wanted to do is just go to the site, select a number of your choice, click on read SMS and it will display all the latest SMS that are actually available on their server.

Bypass Otp through App

Except these websites, you can use some applications to Bypass OTP, but I suggest you the best ” TEXT NOW “app. The main reason behind sharing this app is that you can use this app to bypass OTP Verification on any platform.This app provides multiple numbers on every new sign up with a new email ID.You don’t have to sign up with your personal mail id.

Step 1 : Download Text Now app from playstore. You can use any email id to signup. It doesn’t require any verification mail.
Step 2 : After sign up you will get the list of numbers from Canada(+1) .
Bypass otp step 1- 2

Step 3 : Whenever you use any number from the list of Text Now then you have to choose religion Canada in app or website it means you will have to mention +1 for country code with that virtual number which you will choose for sign up.

Step 4 : Come back on Text Now app there you will get otp inbox of that number .

After successfully registered , If you want to use any other virtual number for any other application or website. Some persons use these virtual number to get loot on commerce websites, online games or you can use these numbers to make another account of social media if you have not any other mobile number to verify your second account.

Bypass otp 3-4

So You can use these ways to verify otp on any website or application.But don’t use them for any harmful crime action.

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