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When we talk about formal communication, sending and receiving files, storing them online – the very first way os doing this come into mind is through Gmail. If we think more, we have the options of Yahoo Mail, Outlook etc.  But email service providing industry is wider than this, and here, I am today to cover top 51 email service provider with their unique features (How are they resolving problems of their users), and I am sure, This article will help you to know more about some non-popular and popular email service providers. You can easily select the service providers as per your preferences and requirements.

In the year 2004, Gmail was launched from a simple email, and now it is considered as a primary mode of communication with more than 425 million active users globally. Google has independently overtaken Microsoft popular service of emailing, but as per the figures, it is clear that Gmail is growing significantly with the high number of users. Gmail has an impressive number of users available at present, although it might be the fact that many people may be having multiple accounts at the same time but then to numbers are interesting. As per the recent report, Google has 289 million users in May; Microsoft Gmail is having 325 million users and Yahoo claiming 298 million users.

So, the above numbers are indicating that still Gmail is clamming for the crown in the field of email service providers, and still there is no sign of downfall in the near future. Today there are more than one billion active users of Hotmail.

Let’s have a look at the other service providers similar to Gmail.

Email Service Provider | Alternative to Gmail (Google Mail)

1) Microsoft Outlook:

Being launched into 1996, Sabeer Bhatia was the first mover (Hotmail) who came into email service provider industry and still, leading the world after Gmail. The terminology of Microsoft is quite confusing as it has not clearly differentiated between email accounts, modern windows app, and 365 apps. As Hotmail is dead now and other outlook services are not clear because we are no longer aware that whether it is Outlook web app, outlook online or any other application. This service has beaten the Yahoo and become the second most popular service provider in the world with a count of 450 million active users in the world.

It has been observed that using an outlook account always comes with the significant benefit as it is integrated with Microsoft and Windows 10 operating system. It is a kind of computer software program which offers services such as email management. It has several benefits such as:

• Outlook has stable functioning which is quicker and removes frustration with faster response.

• Better view of inbox makes it special look wise.

• More focus on people and the special focus on the faster processing of email.

• Easier to stay on top of things.

• It is less expensive because it combines corporate class emails and productivity tools as well. This combination seems to be costly but the fact is that nowadays this combination at a very small business price.

• Previously it uses to happen that once the email hit to the server it waits there for 20 to 30 minutes until your PC starts finding for the new update. With office 365 update that outdated button of send/receive is no longer in existence. Now, as soon as email hits the server it is sent to your device so that you can get your important emails right away.

• Investing in business 365 premium is profitable because you all not only getting professionalism that comes with domain based email, but it also provides you updated version of outlook with advanced features.

• Effective communication with clients and customers is the basic need of any organization. At the same time backup of the information is required, so one drive will allow you to store all the information and keep back up. To make things easier when you access the one drive of your device it will get open in the browser without downloading the file.

• If you will buy everything from the same company you will never face any issue regarding compatibility and also you will get multiple options.

If you are unable to create account, sign up, login into Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail or Windows Live, here is latest step by step guide for hotmail login from different device – sign up, account creation, accessible services, features, phone number etc.

2) GMX Mail:

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It is one of the largest service providers of Germany. It is a subsidiary of the united internet. It is being around since 1997. Although it has 11 million active monthly users still it is among top 10 email service providers. It has 1 GB of file storage and attachment link is 50 MB and it supports both IMAP, POP. You will never run out of space as it provides unlimited email storage. But at the same time, it lacks with conversation view facility.

3) iCloud:

It represents the Apple venture into the free email. Most of the iPad and iPhone users have an account. Mail is just one feature of this app. It also has some other features such as Find my iPhone, Keychain, Photo Stream, etc. Although the app claim to have 720 million users it is little dicey that how many of them are using email address. iCloud users have 5 GB of data storage for free and also you will have to pay if you will ask for more storage facility. There are many more great cloud providers for Apple users. Although Apple is such a great hardware and software company but somewhere it lacks at iCloud.

4) Zoho Mail:

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It is in existence since October 2008. It is one of the new service providers in the field of email service providers. This service has shown rapid movement in its growth in recent years and is the best email service provider outside the Gmail & Yahoo. Now because it is an Ad-free and web Clint hence the number of users has increased very fast in the last 9 years it has been reached to 10 million active users. Zoho mail is a complete suite for office productivity in which you can create, edit, and collaborate presentation and documents. Although it is free but offers every feature same as any paid service, such as email provider, presentation, spreadsheet management, and video chat tool functionality.

5) AOL Mail:

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It is existing since 1993, it is just like the ancestors of Email service providers because it is three years elder than Hotmail, 10 years older than Gmail and four years older than Yahoo. As per the reports available of 2006, it has 50 million active users as of now, but in recent past, from large user base, the number has been observed in decreasing trend. It was declared as third largest Email provider in the year 2010.

It is suggested not to run and sign up in AOL mail just because it is an old service provider and has a large number of users; few employers do not select the candidate after seeing their ID on AOL or Hotmail because somewhere they think you are still hacked in 1996 and not up to date with current services.

6) Elude:

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This is becoming rapidly the most popular service in the world of email providers. Although it has been launched in the year 2017 it is attracting a large mass of privacy-conscious users who are desperately finding a secure, anonymous and simple email provider services. It does not use any JavaScript, it does not require any phone number or any other ID prove for signing up.

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This email service gives the user a 30 gigabyte of email storage. This company is based on a “Corporate housing complex” in Rancho Cucamonga. Also, if you will have a look at their domain name you will find that they are registered on September 21, 2005.

8) Aussie Mail:

It is a free mail service provider and based out of Australia but the best part is that it can be used from anywhere. It is a premium email service and Ad-free service provider. It is an Australian mail scanning service and mail redirection working since 2010 based in Sydney wales. It is a secure mailing postal service and your mail is held in your new mailbox until the user advises them for the forwarding address for your Email.

9) Mail.Com:

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This mail service offers many important email features which are needed in the office suite. Apart from that, you can also select an email domain name which suits you best from over 200 domain names. So, this means you can select 200 unique domains with the desired address at no cost. You can select domain as per your personality, domain, profession, location and many more & your email addresses will define that who you are and from where you are.

You can communicate your profession such as, Financer.Com, and also many geographically focused domains are available. Like this, you can communicate your profession to the others.

It has an innovative webmail system through which it gives a solution to home users as well as small and medium enterprises. It has very good virus protection service which works on scan engine. It locates virus, worms, Trojans in a compressed file format. Which protect your file from spam and results in spam free account.

10)Yahoo Mail:

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This is the best free mail service among all the mail providers. They offer unlimited email stores, social networking, instant message services, and SMS texting. It is an internet portal that has a search engine and a directory of World Wide Web sites organized in the hierarchy of topic categories. As a directory, it provides both new and seasoned web users the structured view of thousands of web pages.

Now, because Yahoo is linked to most popular web search sites so if the search engine does not find the file from yahoo search base, it finds out the search from the seven to eight other sites which are linked to

11) Proton Mail:

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It is committed to delivering important fundamental features to protect your data online. It features end to end encryption, and zero access to user’s data, secured socket layer protection, and good contact features. It is easily available for everyone and is the best service provider in this field. The best part is they are available on all mobile platforms and no personal details are required for signing in. All messages are stored in Proton Mail servers in the encrypted format. The mode of transmission is in encrypted format between our user’s device and servers.


It offers a full, rich and usable Email experience with powerful web access, mobile applications, and IMAP access. It also provides unlimited access to its users. It provides you right to get reminders if you receive no reply. It also helps in scheduling emails. Due to its unlimited storage, it is special in character and also makes it very fast to provide related emails by thread and contact.

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13)AIM Mail:

IN 2017 December the services of Aim has been shut down and it does not exist now. AIM mail is a combination of friend, fun and functional web-based interface at With attractive features like drag and drop facility, new email announcement it feels like it is a desktop application service.


It is an email service provider which allows you to send, recall, erase & self-destruct the email correspondence. It also provides you right to delete attachment as well as insert it even after the email is sending out. The benefits of securing messaging service you are able to know that when the message was delivered when it was read, and because the message is in their server you are receiver both can delete it. You also have right to delete your username from the list of other parties’ message and contact list.

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This webmail service takes care of your security on priority. It provides you end to end encryption, multi-select drag and drop facility and other extra features such as managing push notification. You can access this email service from any browser or device with android and IOS application. It automatically encrypts all your email on your device. You can communicate with your friends easily; even subjects, attachments as well as contacts are also encrypted. The security is at such a high level. It is licensed under GPL v3.


This is an email service which has a high quality of spam protection, such a high level of spam protection that emails are only allowed from trusted persons.

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It is another Canadian based email service provider. It provides its service free of cost.

18) Care2.Com:

It is a free email service and the best part is that 5% of total revenue is given in the charity. It seriously takes the issue of your security.

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19) DCE

This email service provider provides you free email account which allows you to access free email service without charging a single penny. You can access it from any computer and it is a Washington D.C centric service.

20) DBZ

This is basically for the anime lovers and it is powered by outblaze. Anime lovers can get their Dragonball Z email address. It provides you IMAP access so that you can easily connect your email from mobile devices and desktop email Clint.

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This email service gives you chance to create your own online identity. You can create your own email address and with the help of that address, you can be in touch with your friends and family. It has attractive features such as anti-virus scanning, 5 MB of storage capacity & webmail access.

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This email service gives you powerful protection from spam & virus. It is very easy to create your email account here and it also gives you benefit to keep your work safe and secure. You have several benefits from this email service provider such as: (Wide range of domain option, Freedom of using your account anywhere and anytime, Calendar service so that you can manage your task efficiently).

23) Faster mail:

This is also a free email service powered by outblaze. It automatically receives the new email with push notification from web and mobile. Find any email in a fraction of seconds with a powerful search option. It keeps your inbox junk-free from virus and Trojans.

24) Faster email.FM:

It provides its service basis on the membership you have for example your storage capacity varies from 10 MB to 2 GB basis on the membership criteria.


It supports 12 languages and has 1 GB of storage. It is very stable, speedy and fast email service. It has 10 GB of online space and IMAP access as well. You can search emails faster and allows the user to send mail from other account and can also retrieve their mail too. You can also access your emails on a desktop using POP or IMAP service. It has an option of a smart folder through which you can search email by using sender, date, subject, size, labels all these details. You can compose message both in plain text and rich text editor apart from this you can also insert HTML code manually.


It is a free email service offering 100 MB of storage and is powered by Outblaze.

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This email service gives you 100 Mb of online storage and also gives you free POP3 access.

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28) Hushmail. Com:

bIt was launched on 1999 May. It is like an email service on which you can read or compose your email on the web, email, smartphone and everywhere you work but important security features are added in this email service provider in order to keep your data safe and secure. Hushmail is a fully web-based service hence it can be used without installing any hardware or software. The best part is that you can access your email from anywhere it may be the browser, your smartphone or PC anything.

If we talk about security your IP address are so much secured that they do not appear on the header of your email. Because the service providers of Hushmail believe that communication must be easy and private hence they allow their users to do it affordable.


It is a service developed by Google. It is the fast email service providers. It allows you to access external POP3 account access and also allows you to monitor several email accounts and check them for incoming messages from your account. Attachment can be sent and receive up to 20 megabytes, but when your size increased the limit of 20 MB you receive the alert message from

Also, you can send or receive the message up to 20 MB via this process if your message size will exceed 20 MB it won’t be sent.

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30) ICQ

You can make your free account and will get up to 2 GB of storage for premium accounts. It is an instant messaging service which was developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis in 1996. The name ICQ was inspired by the English phrase “I seek you” and the ownership was passed from Mirabilis to AOL in 1998 and from AOL to Mail.Ru group in 2010. This was very much similar to Hotmail service of its times where users were allowed to access to log in for free have the very small storage facility and Ad supported interface.

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31) India Times:

As per the report of 2012 Times internet limited has published a notice on its site that this service will soon get shut down and will not accept the new registration of users from 19th November 2012 & also it will permanently shut down from 18 Feb. 2013. It was decided to shut down this email service because the return from the site was not effective. It was not contributing much more in terms of page view and revenues.


Free storage till 16 MB, you can download your email by accessing free POP3/IMAP service. It is the 15-year-old site it has a global traffic ranking #547,121 in the world. This site has a google page ranking of 3/10. The estimated worth income of this site is $ 1200.00 and has a daily income of about $ 5.00. It is safe to browse because no active threats have been reported recently by its active users.

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It is another special email service provider and powered by outblaze.


It is a new open source of email service which has a new approach towards the email service providers. Currently, it is in testing mode but working on more flexible online Email service.

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35) Lycos mail:

It has attractive features such as 3 GB of mail storage & no size limit for attachment. It has a spam filter facility and also provides you to use emails in a structured format using smart folders. It is very easy to use service and has plenty of space and it also allows sending huge attachments. The only drawback is that it does not allows POP and IMAP access and rich text editing and large attachment works only with internet explorer.

It has a three level of free and effective junk storage capacity. Additional filters of incoming mail service allow you to route your important emails to the separate folders. Although it does not allows access to POP but can collect messages from other Pop mail account. In internet explorer, you can edit the file using rich text facility and can also send large files attachments exceeding 20 MB.


It is a global source of the outsourced emails and collaboration services for the consumers. It has few special features such as integrated internet email services, instant email translation, user personalization, advanced virus protection and many more.

It was founded in 2000 and its headquarters is in Los Angeles, California, U.S and Clint’s are spread all over the world. The feature of unlimited storage and about 2000 domain names to choose make it special from other sites.

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It provides you with 25 MB of storage IMAP access are available; also, it provides WAP mobile access. You can start from 40MB and is upgradeable up to 10 GB for premium accounts.

38) MSN Hotmail:

It is one of the oldest email providers. There are few rebrands of the original Hotmail services. MSN Hotmail is one of them. But recently it has been observed that few users have complained about the services of MSN Hotmail. But soon it was identified that this issue has been caused by the Microsoft upgrade process because they are migrating to a new which may cause issues for some users.

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Its full form is Minds park interactive network and it is a search engine that is bundled with other free software’s as well. It believes in text loads to help your load time. But make sure while installing the software you must be careful that what you are agreeing to download. It simply means that you should not install the software that you don’t trust.

40) Opera Mail:

It supports the Opera browser and has 3 Mb of storage capacity. It is an email service developed by Opera software. It works on the principle of one database that keeps the record of all databases. Mails are sorted on the basis of mailing list or attachment type this kind of sorting helps in faster access to searching data. All messages in the database are accessed by opening the received view.

Image result for images of ) Opera Mail


This is one another site of email service providers which is powered by outblaze. This email service is free of cost and is a small suite of web-related features.


It has some outstanding features such as four Gigabyte of storage facility, IMAP client, Virus filtering facility, spam controls, Personal calendars so that you can plan your task effectively and ad-free service to its users.

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It is one of the leading networks targeting large numbers of users. It can be defined as one of the information. Entertainment web portal. It has extensive web-based features such as free email, chat, home page, etc. it is an Indian adapted search engine and largest E-commerce platform in India. As per Alexa is the No.24 Indian web portal. Most of the visitors of are from India while few come from China and US. It has around 95 million usernames. It was the first website domain name which was registered in India in 1996.

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It is one of the email service providers which have 10 GB of Email storage, 1 GB of file storage and Ad-free service. It is a secure email service for you and your business. Its server and infrastructure have strong privacy regulations and service management techniques. It is good for both family and business.

It is flexible and affordable for individual and at the same time have consolidation of all your email at one place and have simple email administration. You can access it from, Web, POP, IMAP, SMTP it supports any email device. It has a secure connection and encryptions it can import emails from other services and also have the power to filter the email effectively. The best part is that it gives universal access with any internet device.


the basic feature is that it has 25 MB of the storage facility and 3.5 MB of attachment limit. Its domain is having .com extension. This website is estimated worth $ 8.95 and its daily income is around $ 0.15 and it is safe to browse as no active threats have been reported by the users.

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It has only 3 MB of storage but their unique selling point is its heavy encryptions of email send between the users. It is a highly secure and safe connection and distribution system for the internet. It has attractive features such as email, data distribution, instant messaging, data storage, file storage and many more. It is good for both personal and business use as it takes responsibility for securing your data and maintaining the privacy of your data. Basically, it is a hosted facility and it offers the following services:

1) Private Mail:

This a single account for email and messaging that keeps your data very safe and secure. Register for free and you will get 3 MB of disk space.

2) Business mail:

It is the best secure email service for your business. You can create and maintain multiple domains and by communicating with your customers and staff you can bring them together on the same platform and secure private community.


They will give their users the taste of a Uorganise service for free. It provides affordable and user-friendly service to its users nowadays. UReach indicates that products are designed especially for you and with you.

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It email is specially designed for kids to use because it is highly safeguard protected have games and many more features. As kids are growing fast nowadays so Zilladog is the best safeguard which will protect your child from the internet predators. Here Kids can remain connected with their family and friends with advanced safety features. It is completely spammed free and also ensures to eliminate all the undesirable emails from undesirable sources.


It provides the standard complaint with the POP, IMAP, SMTP interfaces. The best part of this service provider is that they scan each and complete emails including attachments. If any virus is found the email is blocked right away on the gateway. It provides its interface with SSL encryption and also makes sure easy to use service and convenient web interface. It also provides the address book, calendar, notes and task list to its users for making their life easy. It also supports email search option, vacation messages, Domain forwarding, Ftp storage & many more.

50) Munchomail.Com:

It has 25 Mb of storage capacity and premium members have a storage capacity of up to 1 GB.

51) HoaxMail:

It allows you to send a large number of fake messages and emails as pranks. It is one of the greatest tools of an email scam, here you can send emails that appear to come from different accounts than the one from which they were sent. So, generally, people avoid such kinds of emails in order to avoid scams.

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Above mentioned are the list of fifty-one email providers which provide email services. Few of them are free with good and attractive features and few are paid but as I said, these are most problem solving email service provider. You could be anonymous while sending emails. You can track our your email performances, can send files upto 1 or 2 GB and so on! Today, email is a part of communication and taking care of it, we should aware of upcoming technologies.


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