29 best gifts of 2022. Selling out fast in December

Updated: Sunday, December 11, 2022

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It’s December 11 and there’s only 14 days until Christmas. Time is running out and the best products are starting to go on backorder. The number of gifts people purchase online is growing exponentially. These exclusive deals will help you find the perfect gift for a steal. Many can only be found here. Snag a couple gifts for a friend, significant other and even yourself. Most deals listed have bulk discounts. Get yours before they’re gone until who knows when.

Let’s knock some people off your list together right now. It will feel so good 😊

1. Oprah’s Favorite Things top pick - Cozy Earth

Link to best deal: 25% off

I don’t usually buy into celebrity endorsements, but this one caught my eye.

Unless you’ve experienced Cozy Earth for yourself, no written description does justice. So soft, made with bamboo, Cozy takes the ”Cozy” part of their name seriously.

There’s something for everyone and every budget. Bedding, loungewear, pajamas, travel apparel and yes they have gift cards. I ranked Cozy Earth #1 one because there’s not a recipient I can think of who wouldn’t be elated to receive any one of their items.

2. NASA’s solution for dirty glasses (Now available to the public) - Peeps Carbon Technology

Link to best deal: 50% off

Scientists discover carbon technology that cleans lenses 4x faster like magic! ELIMINATE cleaning rags, wipes and sprays! Peeps microfiber pads and tweezer design thoroughly clean the entire surface simultaneously. Remove nasty dirt and dust at a microscopic level, leaving lenses stunningly clear.

Anyone with glasses will praise you daily for this pocket sized gadget.

3. The Socks That Reduce Foot Pain! - My-Happy Feet Socks

Link to best deal: 40% off

My Happy Feet Socks deliver quick relief from all types of foot pain by gradually aligning your toes to minimize the harmful effects of daily foot stress.

Do your feet hurt? My Happy Feet Socks can help!

4. The best night sleep ever - Dodow

Link to best deal: 30% off

Over 500,000 former insomniacs now sleep peacefully with Dodow. The gift of better sleep will be well received by all. Dodow is a metronome-light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns and lull you into a deep peaceful sleep fast.

Guarantee: Dodow works so well that it has a 100 day money back guarantee

5. Give Yourself Baby-Soft Feet In Under 90 Minutes - Foot Peel Mask

Link to best deal: 20% off

The Foot Peel Mask by FEETS is the podiatrist-approved foot treatment that naturally eliminates ugly calluses, painful cracks, dead skin cells, and other rough patches from your feet — leaving them clean, healthy and soft.

6. SimpleHomeSecurity360 Is The HD WiFi Security Camera That’s As Easy To Use As A Lightbulb!

Link to best deal: 50% off

Have A Camera System Up And Running In Minutes. No Wiring. No Tools. No Problem.

See And Hear Everything – Indoors And Outside. Motion Detection And Night Vision. Free App And Recording

7. 17 Tools In The Palm Of Your Hand - Kelvin Tools

Link to best deal: 40% off

Kelvin17 is a patented 17-in-1 gadget that combines every essential household tool into one simple device you can carry anywhere. Its unique design is brilliantly engineered to make quick fixes, installations, and hundreds of jobs easy for anyone.

Created for outdoor hobbyists, handymen, and beginner DIYers, Kelvin17 is perfect for anyone looking to be prepared at a moment’s notice!

8. Find & Protect ALL Your Memories In ONE Click! - ThePhotoStick Omni

Link to best deal: 40% off

The PhotoStick® OMNI automatically finds, sorts, and saves up to 60,000 photos and videos across ANY of your devices with just ONE click.

Over 1.5 Million People Use ThePhotoStick® OMNI

9. An Entire Toolbox In A Single Key - Keyzmo

Link to best deal: 40% off

Keyzmo is a 16-in-1 multi-tool that combines all your essential tools into one simple key you can carry anywhere. Created for outdoor adventurers, hobbyists, handymen, and anyone looking to be prepared for anything at a moment’s notice.

10. The Best Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner Ever Made - AquaPure

Link to best deal: 40% off

AquaPure quickly and easily removes dangerous pesticide residues, bacteria and mold from your fruits and vegetables. You’ll be shocked to see just how dirty your fruits & veg actually were… and even more shocked at how much better they taste, all thanks to AquaPure!

11. Blissy Pillowcase - The #1 Pillowcase Chosen By Supermodels

Link to best deal: 55.% off

Your face is in direct contact with your pillowcase all night while you sleep. With other pillowcases, they absorb your skin’s natural oils. Not to mention any lotions you put on your face before bed.

Those oils and lotions build up and create a filthy breeding ground for harmful bacteria, clogging your pores and irritating your skin.

But with the Blissy Pillowcase, it won’t absorb your skin’s oils or any lotions that you put on. So when you wake up your face isn’t dried out and damaged. And because the Blissy is so soft and smooth, you won’t get any sleep wrinkles either. Blissy Pillowcases help maintain hydration, cleanliness of the skin and prevent sleep wrinkles. You’ll wake up with a morning glow.

12. The Shoe Insert That Relieves Pain in Minutes - Soul Insole

ink to best deal: 40% off

Soul Insole’s patented, award-winning shoe insert instantly relieves pressure from your heel and forefoot – providing soothing relief to your feet, legs, and back in minutes!

They work in every type of shoe (even sandals!) and provide you with the increased support, balance, and comfort you’ve been searching for.

Get ready to enjoy all your favorite activities without any of the pain!

13. Circa Knee - Breakthrough knee sleeve design

Link to best deal: 50% off

If you don’t use it oh, you lose it. If you’re over 40 right now then you know exactly what I mean 🙂 Help the woman you’re gifting be more active with Circa Knee. A new innovative and patented compression knee sleeve technology that is totally changing the way knee pain sufferers treat their osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis and other knee ailments. Already thousands of people around the world are using them.

14. Never Lose Your Reading Glasses Again! - ThinOptics

Link to best deal: 30% off

With ThinOptics, you’ll always have your reading glasses handy! These thin, incredibly durable and comfortable glasses stick right to the back of your phone, keeping them safely tucked away until you need them.

15. Over 2 million sold - Charge in under 10 minutes with Power Pods

Link to best deal: 55.% off

Problem: You’re always on the go and forgot to charge your phone! Now it’s at 5% battery and you have no where to plug it in!

With the Power Pod you will never have to worry about having a charging emergency ever again. This stylish, discreet charger will completely charge any device – Andriod or IOS – in under 10 minutes by using its proprietary micro high Velocity Charger that delivers instant power that lasts for hours!

So compact, it fits right on your keychain, the Power Pod is the perfect tech device companion to take everywhere with you to make sure you always have all the extra power you need! And it not only gets our pick for most stylish portable phone charger on the market, but it’s the fastest too.

Did we mention it’s rechargeable? Once you use it to charge up your devices you can recharge it so it’s ready for your next adventure.

16. Throw away your superglue and fix just about anything! - Bondic

Link to best deal: 20% off

Do you think it’s irreparable? Think again. Bondic® lets you fix broken eyeglasses, fill holes in plumbing and rebuild just about anything – even fine china! Simply apply the unique liquid formula to the damaged area, illuminate with the special UV light for just 4 seconds and you’re done! The liquid hardens into a rock solid layer of clear plastic at your command!

17. For dedicated dog parents - BULLYMAKE

Link to best deal: 40% off

If your recipient is a “Power Chewer” dog parent, they will love you forever for giving them BULLYMAKE. A Power Chewer is a dog that can destroy any standard toy in seconds. BULLYMAKE dog toys are tough and built to last. They even come with a no destruction guarantee. That means gifting it is guaranteed to be a hit.

18. Top pet gadget: You've never seen dogs this entertained - Busy Ball

Link to best deal: 50% off

Animal experts looked to help dogs entertained and happy. They discovered a ball with random, unpredictable movements, that responded to playful biting keeps dogs entertained for hours. Thus, the Busy Ball was born. It has quickly become one of the best selling pet toys in America.

Have a dog lover on your list? The Busy Ball is a must.

19. Today’s top pick: New military “spy tech” available to the public - Skyscope HD

Link to best deal: 63% off

Superhuman vision originally developed by the military is now available to the public.10x – 300x magnification gives eagle-eye views. Our favorite way to use Skyscope HD? Attach it to our phone camera lens!

If you’ve got a shutterbug on your gift list who loves posting to social media, snag them a Skyscope HD right now to help them get more likes.

20. Most impressive knife I’ve ever held - HUUSK Japanese chef's knife

Link to best deal: 50% off

Whip this baby out when cooking for a memorable meal. Precisely crafted to the last detail, It feels like a premium knife to even the snobbiest of knife snobs.

If somebody on your list is home cooking more than ever, get them HUUSK, the fastest trending kitchen gadget right now.

21. Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow

Link to best deal: 50% off

Ever had a pillow so good you took it on vacation with you? SLEEPGRAM is that good. 3 adjustable sizes make SLEEPGRAM the perfect gift for anyone. They will thank you nightly.

22. Poliglu instant translator

Link to best deal: 50% off

Travel anywhere in the world with this instant to a language translator, Poliglu. Language barriers are no more. Just press the button, speak and get voice translation in less than 1.5 seconds. Any traveler on your list will love Poliglu.

23. Protect Yourself From the Germs Living on Your Toothbrush - Bril

Link to best deal: 25% off

Bril is a portable toothbrush case that uses natural UV-C light to kill 99.9% of the unwanted viruses and bacteria living on your toothbrush — protecting you and your family from potential medical issues.

24. Check engine light on? There's an app for that - FIXD

Link to best deal: 30% off

A New York mechanic was fed up with charging $75 or more just to diagnose a check engine light. So, he partnered with some app developers to make what should have been obvious so many years ago. An app coupled with a device that plugs into your vehicle to tell you why your check engine light is on! Not only that, it gives you recommended fixes. Holy moly it took us until 2021 to do this, but we are here. No more getting tricked by dishonest mechanics telling you lies about what your car needs.

Gift this to someone with an older vehicle out of warranty.

25. The future of pain relief - Kailo

Link to best deal: 30% off

Over $1.5 million raised in just 2 months on Indiegogo. Now, they’re finally taking orders from the public and starting to ship. Kailo adheres directly to the skin and uses futuristic nanotechnology which has, in many studies, proven to relieve pain with no serious side effects.

If you know somebody who walks around with daily aches and pains, they will appreciate you giving them Kailo.

26. Transform Your Home into a Festive Wonder with This Instant Laser Lights System! - Star Shower

Link to best deal: 23% off

Don’t get stuck with the same holiday decorations for all 25 days of Christmas!

Choose from 9 intense laser light patterns with 3 festive red and green color combinations and still, motion, or blinking effects!

Just aim your Star Shower Ultra 9 where you want your lights, plug it in and turn it on. It’s that easy! Change the pattern with a press of the button. It takes only seconds and your house is covered with lights!

27. Is This Revolutionary Vest With NASA Inspired Technology The Key To Keeping You Warm and Cozy This Winter? - Heated Vest Hilipert

Link to best deal: 30% off

It’s that time of the year. You step outside. The frigid, bone-chilling coldness seeps in and all the way down to your bone, and you have to wear three or more different layers of jackets and coats, being cold, stiff and uncomfortable.

Thanks to a startup called Hilipert, the time has gone when you had to think twice before going out on a chilly winter day.

28. The Simple, Affordable Kitchen Device Has Already Become The #1 'Must-have' in 2022 - Better Butter Spreader

Link to best deal: 50% off

Remember all of that baking we did in 2021…? Well, some are calling this new kitchen device a ”baker´s dream,’ and it´s selling out everywhere.

29. #1 Safety Alarm For Women - Hootie personal alarm

Link to best deal: 40% off

1-in-3 women will become a victim of physical or sexual violence.

This tragic truth is why we created Hootie – a personal safety alarm for women designed to deter attackers and help prevent life-altering tragedies.

If threatened, simply pull the cap to activate Hootie’s strobe light and ultra-loud siren to safely attract attention and stop any would-be attacker. Hootie empowers women in their everyday lives. Hootie is like having your own personal alarm system everywhere you go.

30. Don’t Risk Your Health - Use this Revolutionary Tool - Tvidler

Link to best deal: 50% off

Cotton Swabs are not designed for ear cleaning, actually they do the opposite: ear wax is pushed further down the ear canal and not taken out. Furthermore, they may damage your inner ear. The signs and symptoms of this condition include dizziness, ringing sensation in the ears, pain and worsened hearing.